Janet Jackson wears TrufacebyGrace Jewelry and accessories in single 'Made for Now'

The name Janet Jackson has always been synonymous with record-breaking and award-winning pop songs. Her music videos are also well known not just for their mind-blowing choreography and production design, but also for their African vibe. From choreography to the set design, down to the wardrobe, the fusion of American and African influences can be seen all over her music videos. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the video for the single “Made for Now” where TruFaceByGrace jewelry and accessories were showcased. These Afrofuturistic pieces really accentuated the whole look of the video and put Afrocentric African fashion in the spotlight. While it was set in the United States, the song, as well as the music video clearly showed  African influence and culture both in the song’s dance moves, as well as in the clothing and TrufacebyGrace jewelry and accessories worn by Janet and her dance crew.

TruFaceByGrace showcases statement African fashion pieces that feature a contemporary style influenced by Afrocentric African fashion. Grace Yeboah Ofori, the founder of TrueFaceByGrace, makes sure that all creations are not only fun but also culturally impactful. She is careful about the correct use of each cultural motif she puts into her designs, so those who wear them are assured that each piece is well thought out, respectful, and of course, beautiful. Not only does TruFaceByGrace feature African culture and design in their products, they also produce their pieces in a way that highlights African workmanship. The company directly works with local craft makers in Africa, particularly African women, in making their unique statement pieces.  This female touch is evident in all the products they make.

This is why this particular video by Janet Jackson stands out—it represents a great fusion of African and American influences. The sets and wardrobe clearly showed these influences and the colorful African jewelry and accessories from TrufacebyGrace supported the overall vibe. The dance routines provided a lot of liveliness to the video and further emphasized the colors and design of TrufacebyGrace’s statement jewelry.

Janet Jackson clearly loved the pieces from TrufacebyGrace and ended up wearing them on the cover photo used for the single’s digital download.

Truly, TrufacebyGrace jewelry and accessories helped “Made for Now” stand out –by showcasing Afrocentric African fashion in a way that is fresh, relevant and contemporary.


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