TruFaceByGrace - A Fashionista's Choice for African Luxury Jewelry and Accessories

African culture has richly influenced the world. We hear it in music, we taste it in our food and we definitely see it in fashion, especially in Hollywood. Designs influenced by African fashion carry very unique and eye-catching colors and patterns so it’s no wonder a lot of people, including a number of famous celebrities, are now embracing Afrocentric African fashion. Infusing African influence into fashion helps these celebs stand out. And no one does head-turning, contemporary statement jewelry with an authentic African vibe better than TruFaceByGrace.

TrufacebyGrace is an exclusive, luxury women's clothing and accessories brand that is only available online.. The company is owned by Grace Yeboah Ofori, who is originally from Ghana. but eventually settled in the USA in 2014. She purposely set out abroad to promote African culture, and with the success of TruFacebyGrace, she has been able to shine a spotlight on Afrocentric African fashion, as well as help men and women in Africa. That’s because each creation has been carefully handcrafted by hardworking and talented African craftsmen and women who partnered with the company.

Luxury is TruFaceByGrace’s identity in terms of their Afrofuturistic jewelry pieces and accessories. You will see it in every piece they create. Take for example the Duta vintage expandable rings in their product line which feature intricate shapes, and bold colors that are sure to accentuate any wearer’s fingers. Their statement necklaces are nothing short of spectacular—the Mombasa T’Challa worn on any neck would be a showstopper. Their bangles, bags, and belts come in designs that you won’t find anywhere else. And their handwoven Ankara skirts and Zulu basket hats are statement pieces every fashionista should own. There’s a lot more to behold on their website—capes, chokers, bangles and cuffs, all with their signature “modern twist to ethnic jewelry, clothing and accessories.”  

Each of these pieces are definitely made to stand out and be admired—which is probably why music superstar Janet Jackson wore them in the music video for her single “Made for Now” which had a very current yet very Afrofuturistic vibe. Ms. Jackson also donned pieces from TruFacebyGrace on the photo for the song’s digital cover. And together with her dancers, she wore more TruFaceByGrace creations on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” to promote her single.

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