Traditional Zulu (Isicholo) Basket Hat Collection


      Zulu Basket Hat

      In Zulu language " Isicholo" is a traditional hat made by rural women in South Africa. Made by Zulu women in South Africa, notorious for their woven work, the Zulu hat is made by weaving palm fronds and grass together.   It is worn for special occasions especially for weddings but with the African fashion trending, this hat can now be worn for any occasion. 

      Standing head and shoulders above the rest, literally and figuratively speaking, has never been this easy or glamorous!

      Just like the lion takes pride in its mane, giving him stature and making him more attractive, the Zulu Basket Hat will definitely leave you with a feeling of pride, making you look elegant, bold, and gorgeous. 

      This unique headpiece is sure to turn 'heads' and can be worn to make a fashion statement, show pride in the African culture, or simply be used as a decorative showpiece in your home.

      Features of the Zulu Basket Hat

      • When you purchase yours, you will get your own unique design, as no two are alike.
      • Colors available:   blue, black, yellow, red, pink and white, and more.  
      • Also available in i and red/short. 
      • Choose from different sizes by first measuring the circumference of your head.

      In the words of John Oldham – "All of your fortunes lie beneath your hat."

      Get your Zulu Basket Hat today, and good fortune is sure to follow… 


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