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About Us

We welcome you to our online Store!  A modern twist to African Ethnic Jewelry!

Afrofuturistic Fashion with a Cultural Aesthetic!


We are proud of our African Traditions, heritage and culture, and this is our way of sharing the rich culture behind most of the African jewelry, apparel and accessories  you see in mainstream society.

Designer, Curator, Mua, Entrepreneur, Ghanaian Canadian, Grace Ofori does not consider herself as a designer but always knew she was different when it came to her style. She has always been inspired to create individualistic and cutting edge designs that originate from timeless African culture, Imagination, and to design fashion pieces that is impactful and fun! She considers herself a "cultural elevationist".  

Trufacebygrace is an online exclusive, luxury retail women's clothing and accessories brand based in the Washington DC area. Launched in 2016, the online fashion store prides itself on offering style-savvy women unbeatable access to the unique pieces and handcrafted accessories from around the globe. We partner with talented artisans and designers from around the globe to design and bring you unique pieces of accessories jewelry and apparel. TrufacebyGrace creates opportunities for artisans in developing countries to earn income by bringing their products and stories to our markets. We support local craftsmen and women by providing a fair, stable income and create employment opportunities by hiring a group of women to handcraft our unique designs using local materials only locally sourced and uses a lot of recycled materials as a way of preserving the environment. Most of our pieces are mostly cultural inspired but designed with a contemporary aesthetic.

 INSPIRATION: The TrufacebyGrace collection celebrates African culture and heritage. We are inspired by the amazing culture and beauty from Africa. We guarantee you head-turning, show-stopping quality and contemporary African fashion including red carpet ready fashion, bohemian glam punk, and statement pieces that celebrate your unique, individual style. We have head turning, one of a kind jewelry, accessories and apparel and truly unique pieces that will make you the talk of the party/event . Our pieces are totally Chic and 'Seriously' fun to wear! Enjoy!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide our customers with a wide selection of exotic handcrafted products while creating income opportunities for Third World craftsmen and women.

Our Values

At TrufacebyGrace we operate through the following values:

Quality – We offer only the best quality products.

Authenticity – All our products are authentic handcrafted products from third world countries. Mostly African countries.

Customer satisfaction – we thrive to keep our customers satisfied enough to come back to our stores.

Fast delivery – Fast shipping