Fulani Earrings

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Traditional Fulani earrings

Measurements: Bottom from end to end 6 inches T

Thickness 4 inches

 Hand-crafted in Mali,these earrings are traditionally worn by the Fulani women in West Africa. 

These earrings are handmade and made of recycled bronze from old car radiators and the silver are silver plated. The bronze is melted down and tapped out while being twisted. The Fulani gold is actually twisted bronze but was believed to be gold by the Fulani people for some time. The bronze is hammered till it is nearly paper thin, and then twisted to create the intricate look of the earrings.

Jumbo 4inches 



Generally our Silver ones are smaller in size than the Gold ones.

PLEASE NOTE:  that these Fulani's will not be perfect all have imperfections because of type of metal and because  they are handmade.