In Honor of King T'Challa Collection


      We honor the late king T’Challa. In Africa, speaking for my country Ghana, funerals attire are mostly black or red and sometimes white.  Ruth Carter stated that “In the T’Challa woke up in the Ancestral Plane in the first Black Panther and sees his father, he’s wearing white. Hence why she chose white for the funeral scene for the sequel.

      We we have a lot of white in this collection for movie - goers rock to honor our late King - here is a few pieces and look out for more to come

       In Black Panther 2 the movie honor everything the late actor brought to the character while also carrying on and maintaining a sense of hope for the future.

      For the Marvel Black Panther 2 movie goer, this collection is for you!

      More pieces will be added daily!

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